Savills Larry Smith completes “RelampGreen” project at Le Isole Shopping Centre, cutting annual CO2 emissions by 167 tons

Milan - 8 June 2018

Savills Larry Smith has announced that Le Isole Shopping Centre, Italy, has cut its annual CO2 emissions by 167 tons, thanks to a sustainability initiative implemented by the managing agent.

The initiative saw Savills Larry Smith’s technical department working as project managers alongside theshopping centre management team at Le Isole to implement a series of tactics to complete the project. This included a well-defined preliminary survey, participant selection, a tendering process, mock-ups, drafting of contracts and execution of controls during every stage of the process.

As part of the project, 2,600 traditional lamps have been replaced with the same number of LED lamps in the mall and in the underground parking part of the scheme.

Other notable improvements post-initiative include:

  • Cutting CO2 emissions by 167 tons a year less emissions, the equivalent of 84 cars

  • An energy consumption saving of around 410,000 kWh per year

  • An annual saving on lighting of around 60 per cent for tenants (energy and maintenance savings)

  • Improvement of internal lighting, allowing for further enjoyment of the centre and, with reference to the parking, an improvement in terms of comfort and safety perceived

“The aim of the LED revamping project applied at the mall in the underground car park” – states Paolo Pacelli, Head of Technical Department at Savills Larry Smith – “was to improve efficiency and optimise energy consumption, allowing tenants to benefit from a significant cost saving in terms of charges: this is our primary goal in terms of importance that characterises our management at the centre”.

“This is the sixth centre to carry out a revamping project over the past three years, a clear sign of how much a project of this type can bring about necessary economic and ecological benefits.”

Located in Gravellona Toce, Le Isole Shopping Centre is owned in a joint venture between NovaCoop and Savills Investment Management and is managed and let by Savills Larry Smith.

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